STARHENGE is an environmental interactive public artwork and observatory proposed for Flagstaff, Arizona—the world's first International Dark Sky City.

Designed by artist S.D. Nelson and astronomer Christian Luginbuhl, it is based upon a multicultural tradition of stone observatories found throughout the world. As an astronomical observatory, the stones of the monument in the unique location of Buffalo Park will offer profound experiences of connection to the sun, moon and stars.

STARHENGE is proposed for Buffalo Park on McMillan Mesa, a broad, flat lava flow that bisects the city. As environmental art, the monument is intimately connected to its location and environment. It is designed to meld naturally into its surroundings, utilizing natural materials and native plants. Within a few years, with careful attention to restoration, it will appear to have been on the mesa for millennia.

Text and images copyright © 2008-2009 SD Nelson and Christian B. Luginbuhl
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